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Solar Power

The Complete Guide to Understanding Solar Electricity

By: State Renewable Energy

This digital, interactive, multi-touch book is filled with STEM-based educational material that uses the platform of technology to deliver information in an interesting and engaging way.  It covers topics such as how electricity works, the technology used to create solar power, the engineering behind the design of a solar electric system, and the calculations needed to determine energy usage and costs.  For more information, visit the iBookstore.

Interactive Book "Solar Power"

The digital book "Solar Power" is an example of STEM-based, interactive content for a touchscreen interface.  This video displays the interactive features and content within the book.  Designed for the iPad®, its engaging, multi-touch features deliver a "hands-on" educational experience.  This book has proven to be effective and can easily be integrated into science and math classes to highlight the use of technology in the classroom.

3D Green Building Project

This video is an overview of a student training we did for a 3D Green Building Design Project that utilized the book, "Solar Power."  Completed by 11th and 12th grade students, the project integrated the use of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.  The training included 3D modeling lessons and solar kits to teach the students about solar energy, which they incorporated into their 3D Green Building Designs.

3D "Green Community"

This video is of the Green Community that was assembled using the homes designed by students in the 3D Green Building Project.  Phase I of the community includes the homes designed by the 11th grade students and Phase II includes the homes designed by the 12th grade students.  Each student's home was individually built according to the solar orientation of their assigned location within the virtual neighborhood.  This community was designed to demonstrate green architecture and resource management.

"Student-Built Green Homes"

Here are a few of the photos of the 3D models that were built by the students in the 3D Green Building Design Project.  Displayed in the "Green Community" above, each home features a solar electric system, skylights, greenhouses, and other sustainable attributes.  3D modeling allows students to be creative and explore alternatives to traditional design methods.  Using the book "Solar Power" enabled the students to build homes that effectively utilized solar electricity.  

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State Renewable Energy provides consultation and design services for renewable energy applications as well as STEM-based trainings and instructional services for k-12 and higher education. We use advanced technologies to integrate the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices into our projects. Thinking ahead, we always look for effective ways to incorporate sustainability into everyday life. We stay on top of the latest developments, constantly researching new ideas in order to provide our clients with the best opportunities available.

Every project is approached with a combination of knowledge, experience, and innovation.  With an emphasis on education, our goal is to enable people to become environmentally responsible and live sustainably.

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