State Renewable Energy provides consultation and design services for renewable energy projects specializing in solar power, wind power, hydrogen fuel cells, and energy storage. We use advanced technologies including 3D modeling, virtual reality, and digital simulations to provide in-depth analysis and realization of our projects before they are built.


Solar Power

Residential Solar Applications

State Renewable Energy designs solar electric systems for a wide variety of residential applications including rooftop and ground mounted solar arrays. In addition, we also create designs that utilize building-integrated photovoltaics such as solar roof tiles, carports, and patio covers. Our designs are engineered with high quality components for durability and system longevity.

Solar Power

Commercial Solar Applications

At State Renewable Energy, we create solar designs engineered to maximize the collection of solar energy for commercial applications. We evaluate the optimal solar orientation, possible shade obstructions, and aesthetics of each system. This enables us to provide businesses a variety of options, including technologies such as building-integrated solar windows, that meet their needs.

Solar Power

Industrial Solar Applications

We design custom solar arrays and solar farms for industrial applications. We use high quality solar tracking systems and low maintenance designs that increase system output and productivity, resulting in high efficiency solar generation. Each project addresses wildlife habitat, soil conditions, and surrounding plant life to reduce the environmental impact of large-scale systems.


Wind Energy

Weather and Wind Resources

When considering wind power, it is necessary to determine if a specific area receives sufficient amounts of wind to supply the electricity needed for its application. State Renewable Energy performs energy assessments to evaluate weather patterns, including anticipated wind speeds, duration, and locations.  By analyzing wind resources, we are able to determine the best wind power technologies suited for a project.

Wind Energy

Wind Technology

At State Renewable Energy, our 3D modeling and simulation process allows us to experiment with different wind technologies and efficiently determine where to install the turbines. Typically, pole-mounted turbines will produce more electricity the higher they reach. However, there are wind technologies available that can generate electricity, even in low wind conditions. When viable, wind power has the ability to provide electricity at all hours of the day.

Wind Energy

Electrical Distribution

In places with adequate wind resources, wind energy is a way to provide localized or centralized clean power to support existing electricity grids. At State Renewable Energy, we evaluate voltage needs for renewable energy integration into power lines and also for onsite electricity production. Utilizing clean energy resources while maximizing electrical distribution allows more of the electrons produced to reach their destination for consumption.


Batteries and Energy Storage

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Renewable energy applications can provide power 24/7 when coupled with energy storage systems. State Renewable Energy designs energy storage systems that incorporate lithium-ion batteries. In comparison to traditional batteries, lithium-ion batteries have a high cycle life, charge rapidly, perform well in cold temperatures, feature partial state of charge performance, and require less maintenance. These batteries are ideal for regulating fluctuating power sources, such as solar and wind energy.

Batteries and Energy Storage

Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

State Renewable Energy also designs energy storage systems using advanced lead-acid batteries when applicable. We use advanced lead-acid batteries with nanocarbon technology to provide reliable and cost effective energy storage solutions. These batteries feature higher cycle life, high capacity retention, and less risk of sulfation compared to traditional batteries. In addition, nearly all lead-acid batteries are recycled, leading to less landfill waste.

Batteries and Energy Storage

Electric Car Integration

Advancements is battery technologies for electric cars have opened up new possibilities for energy storage as these vehicles are essentially portable energy storage systems. Electric vehicles, when coupled with renewable energy systems such as solar power, have the potential to utilize renewable energy as fuel for transportation as well as store renewable energy for use as electricity when renewable resources are not available.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Technology

We design energy storage systems that integrate hydrogen fuel cell technologies.  Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen flows through the cell. Hydrogen atoms are split at the anode, allowing the electrons to be used while protons pass through an electrolyte. They eventually rejoin at the cathode where they are met with oxygen atoms to form water, the byproduct of this process.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel is used to supply energy to hydrogen fuel cell technologies. We design systems that produce hydrogen fuel using renewable energy resources. These systems generate hydrogen gas through a process called electrolysis. This process uses electricity to split water into its base elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas can then be stored and used as fuel to operate a hydrogen fuel cell for electrical power.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Generators

We integrate the use of hydrogen fuel cell generators as a clean power source. These generators can supply power 24/7 without the emission of pollutants as they only emit water and heat. In addition, some hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be integrated as generators to provide supplemental electricity for homes and businesses. Benefits of hydrogen fuel cell generators include their use as backup and off grid power and they can be refueled without the long recharging periods associated with battery technologies.

About Us

State Renewable Energy provides consultation and design services for renewable energy projects, specializing in solar power, wind power, hydrogen fuel cells, and energy storage. Every project is approached with a combination of knowledge, experience, and innovation. We use advanced technologies to integrate the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices into every one of our projects. At State Renewable Energy, we create working 3D models of every project and analyze various scenarios in a virtual environment to develop our designs. These scaled models and simulations enable us to provide comprehensive consultation and design services, allowing us to accurately display projects before construction and efficiently make adjustments when necessary. Thinking ahead, we always look for effective ways to incorporate sustainability into our projects. We stay on top of the latest developments, constantly researching new ideas in order to provide our clients with the best opportunities available. In addition to consultation and design services, we also provide education and training to equip today's workforce with new skills relevant to advancements in green technologies.

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